Takel pilla cchill

HI its’ me Zech here, i haven’t posted in a while but I have to rant for a little while so bear with me…

Q: why are parents so negative?

A: Because they worry too much

E: I had a conversation with my dad a few days ago about school and he asked me if I had any homework. I said It was finished in class thinking the conversation was over but instead he said “are you sure? you better check cause I don’t wanna hear you complaining when your grounded.”

ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I thought my parents were here to point me in the right direction and support me in all I do, not be uber-pessimistic. I mean that commet was so negative and unnecesarry; he said it like he expected or wanted me to fail my classes. Now don’t get me wrong I love my parents to death but Gosh! could you be a little more optimistic? like seriously.

Q: Why do parents go off about something if they just want you to do it?

A: They like yelling and screwing up their voices

E: Again c’mon! I don’t care about how you got a belt over this when you were younger this is now, just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it and try to remember to do it all the time then that;ll be it. But I guess thats how patents   work, oh well.


Short people say: “Minions UNITE!”

Today while grocery shopping with Mom, Mom noticed that she couldn’t reach the popcorn on the top shelf. so she picked up my 4yr old brother and used him to grab the popcorn then we all left, my brother feeling proud of himself.

Stale face man’s greatest invention. -_-

Stale face

have you ever been aggravated by someone and not have the power to physically silence them?  This is what the wonderful invention called the stale was made for. I have recently been using this invention often and these are some of the things that aggravate me.

  1. The term “Stop making excuses.” everyone says it right after you give them an explanation to their question.
  2. Or when someone says “well it could be worse” and then it gets worse. Situations like that make you wanna pull out the rolling pin and let them feel your rage.
  3. Long explanations. I mean come on! I asked one question I didn’t want a lecture!
  4. Hard headed adults. When I say this I mean adults who don’t follow their own rules or break rules that their superior made just because there is a kid who is enforcing them.
  5. Nosy people. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS like seriously do you not have a life of your own to attend to?
  6. Overreactions. You know how when you make a tiny little mistake everybody near you seems to explode about it? like dropping pop corn on the carpet and tossing it back into the bowl; while that may sound kinda gross think about it. If you’ve been eating popcorn from off the carpet before what is the difference now that we put it back in the bowl?

So this concludes my list on Stale face worthy situations.


Hello everyone, Yesterday I went to go see Marvel’s Avengers with my family it was hilarious. We were cracking up all throughout the movie my favorite part of the movie specifically was when Loki said “I am a god I will not be bullied by some gargantuan green sausage!” The Hulk promptly grabbed Loki and commenced to smashing him against the ground like a baby plays with their rattle and when he was done he replied “Puny god.” and left him in the small crater in the ground he created. There were laughs all throughout the movie and afterwards we went to get slurpees at 7eleven; my 4yr old brother was running around yelling “puny god!” all last night in his underwear refusing to get ready for bed. But on another point in an earlier part of the movie when they recruit Captain America they say to him “according to legend these guys are gods.” He curtly replies with “There is only one God and I’m sure he doesn’t dress that way.” I found it very interesting that they added that.

Finally! a computer!

My family recently purchased a small acer net book complete with  Windows 7 and Norton360. and I’m so excited! I hope they let me start coding on it the ram and graphics card should be up to par. (I hope!) If anyone knows a good website on how to learn how to write code in C# please comment below and if you don’t know comment anyway! ^-^

I’m trying to fix humpty-dumpty and I ran out of superglue.

Hello readers to start, I apologize for not posting in so long life has been kinda crazy latey. But I have something I wish to share with you all!

  1. My ex now hates my guts (or so it seems) because of an argument we had recently and will no longer even look in my direction.
  2. I can’t stop beating myself up over how I acted.
  3. i’m learning how to write code for computer programs in the C# language! *Boo-ya dance*
  4. I got a 2.6 GPA on my recent report card! *Boo-ya dance*
  5. and my 10yr old sister is finnaly going through puberty and she won’t stop complaining; she’s always talking about “Ow my chest hurts, OMG one of my breasts is bigger than the other I’m going to be lopsided!” or “Zech why do girls bleed?” and It’s driving me nuts! I know about this stuff but I feel like some sort of pedifile If I tell my sister how all of this works. Shoulden’t she ask our mom or dad  about this? I mean thats what they are here for right?  If anyone has an advice for this please post it!

Please help mee!!

From a stressed out teen 

What comes around goes around I guess

you know folks that saying about karma (what comes around goes around) is true 99% of the time I found out today I was in walking arond the school for science class and I was thinking about my previous break-up and recent screaming match two days before (via phone) I was trying to figure out what my ex ment when she said I was “clingy” i had never heard the term before so thought it was some sort of insult. I had been thinking about it this morning and I got my answer my friend walked up behind me and was trying to start a convorsation and I really didn’t feel like talking but she didn’t seem to get the hint. we kept walking for a while and some kid stopped her and asked her something i took the opportunity to run down the hallway and into a corridor back to class maybe thats what ex ment by clingy; but now I’m curious was it wrong of me to ditch my friend like that after how she was trying se what was up? please comment and give answers if you know.